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Syllabus and Schedule of Experiments

Spring 2008 Syllabus


Lab Report Resources (also see Technical Writing Resources below)

Final Report Comments

Sample synthetic paper - Journal of Organic Chemistry

Sample synthetic paper - Journal of American Chemical Society


Laboratory Supplements

Unknown Lab Handout

Exp [A1a] Lab Handout

Exp [A2a] Lab Handout

Exp [A2b] Lab Handout

Ester Lab Handout


Electronic Journal Access (on campus only):

American Chemical Society Journals

OhioLink Electronic Journal Center (EJC)


Organic Reactions Websites:

Named Reaction Site from MonomerChem Inc.

Named Reactions from the Organic Chemistry Portal

Organic Reaction Electronic Flash Cards (Professor Christopher Hadad, Ohio State)


Organic Spectroscopy Websites:

NMR Solvent Data from Cambridge Isotope Laboratories

Common Impurities in NMR Spectra: JOC 1997, 62, 7512-7515 (On campus access only)

Spectral Analysis Tutor and Interpretaion Practice from The Univeristy of Alberta Department of Chemistry

Integrated Spectral Analysis Practice from UCLA Department of Chemistry (Professor Craig A. Merlic)

Integrated Spectral Analysis Practice from Notre Dame (Professor Bradley D. Smith)


pKa Tables:

Link to the table compiled by Professor Dave Evans, Harvard University

Link to the table compiled by Williams, Jencks, and Westheimer

Link to the Bordwell pKa Table (This table is very easy to use!)


Technical Writing Resources:

A Brief Guide to Writing in Chemistry

LBIS Chemistry Resources

Books Available at the Kenyon Library:

· The Art Of Scientific Writing: From Student Reports to Professional Publications in Chemistry and Related Fields by Hans F. Ebel, Claus Bliefert and William E. Russey.

· A Guide to Writing in the Sciences by Andrea A. Gilpin, Patricia Patchet-Golubev

· The Chemist's English by Robert Schoenfeld


Information about specific compounds:

Sigma-Adrich webpage (mp, bp, d, mw information)

Univeristy of Akron MSDS webpage (safety and physical property data)


Examples of Annotated Spectral Data:

Annotated Proton NMR Data

Annotated Carbon NMR Data

Annotated IR Data

Experimental Section

Experimental Section 2 - Distillation Lab


Sample Literature Articles:

Carbonylative Ring Opening of Terminal Epoxides at Atmospheric Pressure (Denmark, S. E., Ahmad, M. J. Org. Chem ASAP)

Pestalotiopsin A. Side Chain Installation and Exhaustive Probing of Olefin Metathesis as a Possible Tool for Elaborating the Cyclononene Ring (Paquette et al J. Org. Chem. 2007, 72, 7135-7147)

Synthesis and Enzyme Inhibitory Activity of the S-Nucleoside Analogue of the Ribitylaminopyrimidine Substrate of Lumazine Synthase and Product of Riboflavin Synthase (Cushman et al J. Org. Chem. 2007, 72, 7167-7175

Convergency and Divergency as Strategic Elements in Total Synthesis: The Total Synthesis of (-)-Drupacine and the Formal Total Synthesis of (()-Cephalotaxine, (-)-Cephalotaxine, and (+)-Cephalotaxine (Stoltz et al J. Org. Chem. 2007, 72, 7352-7358)


Resources for Laboratory Technique:

MIT lab technique videos