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The Getzler Lab, Fall 2016

  Nick Gutsche (Chem, '17), Jenna Bouquot (Chem, '19), Yutan Getzler, Mike Itschner (Biochem, '18), Wyatt Cole ('19)

Current Members

Suzanna Bator ('20) Jenna Bouquot ('19) Wyatt Cole ('19)


Former Members

Mike Itschner ('18) Nicholas Gutsche ('17)
 Shannon Wright ('16) Wes Manz ('15) Harry Hurley ('14)
 Sol Reisberg ('13) Jon Weil ('11) Monica Kriete ('11)
Alice Stevens ('10) Dhruv Vig ('11) Dean Cooley ('09)
Cathy Ulman ('09) Jingwan Chen ('09) Stephanie Hemmingson ('08)
Jake Hansen ('07) Audrey Eisenberg ('07) Collin Smith ('06)


The Getzler Lab, Spring 2011


  Harry Hurley (Biochem, '14), Sol Reisberg (Chem, '13), Jon Weil (Biochem, '11), Yutan Getzler

The Getzler Lab, Spring 2009


Jon Weil (Biochem, '11), Alice Stevens (Chem, '10), Dhruv Vig (MolBio, '11), Monica Kriete (Biochem, '11), Yutan Getzler



Getzler Lab - Graphical Digital Evidence

There are some early photos on this page and links to two flickr sets.

Click on an image for a higher resolution file.

Construction 1st rxn Nice Spectrum
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Here are some pictures of the construction of the lab as it progresses.

Jake Hansen and the box

The rest of the lab...






10/12/04. Colin Smith sets up his first reaction!

C. Smith, chemist.




Insert tab "A" into slot "B"...

Is that a Dean-Stark trap I see?

Rinse, lather, repeat.

One reaction, all reactin' an' what-not.



03/28/05. Audrey Eisenberg with proof that some textbook reactions actually work!


How sweet it is.



Summer 2005. Summer science students doing some science.

Colin's column.

Audrey's air-free.

Jake's thinkin'


N2 - so much fun!