Motorcycles I've Owned

This is a chronological list of motorcycles I've owned and the approximate time-span during which they were my main rider. Beth mockingly calls this the "bikes & babes" page.


198(?) KZ250 Ltd: Fall 1996 - Summer 1997

It was a one cylinder machine, but it was a great bike to learn on. I'm eternally grateful to Diana Swisher for giving me such a great deal on this machine and to Jake Furnald for helping me learn how to ride. I rode it from Beloit, WI to Grinell, IA through one of the worst storms I've ever been in. And the clutch cable broke in the middle of the ride. That summer I sold it to my sister Lela (she's got a Hawk now).



Here's my sister, Lela, loading the one-cylinder beast onto a trailer after I sold it to her.




1983 KZ750-L3: Summer 1997 - Fall 2000

A great bike that took me half way across the country three times. It had three orange stripes that made it look like it'd been designed by Atari.

At a stop in Wyoming on my '97 SF to Beloit, WI ride.

My friend Ali & my mom drove up from Boulder, CO, to visit.



I took this picture in South Dakota on the flattest, straighest road I've ever been on. I love the reflection of the road in the sunglasses. If you do ever take a picture like this, and your mom asks you how you took it, don't tell her.



The summer of '99, when we were all starting grad school, a bunch of us would dress us and go bowling every wednesday evening. You can see the KZ in the background.




1975 CB750F: Fall 2000 - Spring 2004

I fell in love with the color and the year. This machine was born the year I was and the Honda fours just have a great style all around. I still have this bike and plan on a 10-15 year restoration project with it. This is Beth's favorite and the bike I had when we met.

More about the CB750 can be found here, here or here.


Those CB750-Fours are just irresistible.

That ass-kicking lady on the left is one of my best friends - Katie Gulliford. She bought the bike she's sitting on (a belt-drive KZ440-LTD) after a deal we made - if she bought a motorcycle like I'd been bugging her to do, I had to do a 100 mile bicycle ride with her. She's got a '97 BMW 650 ST now.


Beth and the CB during what turned into a very rainy trip from Ithaca to Lake George.



1991 GSX1100G: Spring 2004 - Present

Undeniably the best bike I've ever owned and among the best I've ever ridden. For more on these bikes, check out the very dedicated users-group.


The bike on the right is a BMW GS1100, owned by my good friend Ryan Budney. We rode up to Syracuse, on a very cold night, to pick Katie (see above) up at the airport. The flight was delayed so long that we went back to Ithaca without her. But it was a nice ride there and back.







When I moved the bike from Ithaca, NY to Gambier, OH, I tied it down in the back of a moving truck. Not great pictures, but here they are.



From Thursday, June 2nd to Sunday, June 5th, I joined the 4th annual G-Men rally at Smoke Hole Cabins, WV. The picture of my very dirty bike come from this page, kindly posted by Corey (he's got a beautiful custom painted rust-orange G).





Gambier Forecast