CHEM 373 - Advanced Organic Lab

Prof. Getzler



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Old HPLC Chromatographs

This form is used to help us both assess your work on the large project undertaken in the second half of the semester.


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Info about specific chemicals

NMR & IR Resources


When approaching new techniques, you should first make sure you understand the absolute basics as laid out in Zubrick's The Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual. You used this book during the CHEM 233/234 sequence. The Advanced Lab (Tom 001) has a copy of the more detailed Techniques in Organic Chemistry by Mohrig, Hammond and Schatz. Following are further resources.

Electronic & Library Resources:

Past Projects


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Org Prep Daily Totally Synthetic: a blog that used to
be at
and sadly died
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Chemistry Blog Useful Chemistry suggest one for this spot!

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Jon Weil ('11) and Nick Severyn ('11) set up their kinetically resolved propylene oxide distillations side by side. Non superimposible mirror images?