This is Kenyon College's New NMR Spectrometer obtained through a generous grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

This NMR spectrometer has many useful features that allow students and faculty to fully characterize many organic compounds. For example, in the advanced organic laboratory (CHEM 373), we use the spectrometer to help us assign all of the proton signals of each intermediate of a 5-step chemical sequence of the "Evans Asymmetric Aldol Addition Reaction." This experiment illustrates the use of a removable chiral auxiliary for the formation of a chiral beta-hydroxy acid (6) with high enantiomeric excess (>97% e.e.).

The Overall Synthetic Sequence

A One-Dimensional NMR Spectrum of L-Phenylalaninol (2)

A Two-Dimensional COSY Spectrum of L-Phenylalaninol (2)

Routine Multiple-Pulse Experiments on the 300 MHz NMR